What the Bible has to say about Faith and Healing

This is an ever-evolving list of resources on faith and healing. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend that you prayerfully consider each one, reading the scripture for yourself and asking the Holy Spirit to teach you what He would have you learn.  You may read them here, online, or download them and study them further. Please feel free to pass them on to others who are willing to dig into them and ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance.



Title Description
Authority and warfare scriptures. Take them into your heart
Blocks to Healing Why isn't everyone healed?
Confession of Faith Saying what God says about you
What faith is and isn't

Faith - Part 2

Faith - Part 3
Faith - Part 4
Faith Talk Scriptural confessions of faith
Fear Scriptures to fight fear
Foundational Scriptures
Must-know scriptures to build faith and knowledge of healing
Freedom Scriptures and personal inventory to position us for release from bondage
Generational Sin Scriptures about inherited sin and its effect
Healing Scriptures
What the Bible says about healing
God's Will to Heal
There's no question: God wants you well
God's Will - Part 2
God's Will - Part 3
God's Will - Part 4
Holy Spirit Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and prayer to receive
How to Keep Healing Instructions on keeping your healing once you've experienced it
I Am Statements Scriptural confessions of who we are in Christ
Inner Healing How do you know if you need healing in your heart?
Inner Healing - Part 2 Renouncing Word Curse

Inner Healing - Part 3

Simple House Cleansing
Inner Healing - Part 4 Freemasonry
Kingdom of God What the Bible says about the Kingdom - The Whole Gospel
Kingdom - Part 2  
Perseverance The importance of perseverance in healing
Power of the Tongue Scriptures on the power of words - for good and for evil
Righteousness Who we are in Christ
Signs and Wonders Scriptures on what will happen as a result of preaching the Word
Soul Ties Cut yourself free from negative relationships
Strength Scriptures to stand on
Some of the most common impediments to receiving healing

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